Dominguez Hills Village C. A.

Dear Homeowner:

Please be advised that management has been notified that Southern California Edison has subcontracted with Hampton Tedder Electric to perform work on a transformer inside of the community on Maple Drive.

The work is scheduled to be completed on Wednesday October 13, 2021 between the hours of 12pm and 4pm. There may be power interruption for units in the community surrounding areas of Maple Drive, Chestnut Drive, Magnolia Drive and Mulberry Drive. We will update you if informed of any schedule changes or additional information. It is recommended that you unplug any electronic devices that may be sensitive to a power surge when the power is restored.

Please contact the onsite office if you have any questions or concerns related to this matter.

Best regards,

Leonardo Beard, CMCA®, AMS®
General Manager | Keystone